Area Storsalen
Organizer ISFiT
Date 15. February
Time 18:00 - 19:30
Ticket Free entrance
Age limit 18 (student), 20 (non-student)

ISFiT: Cancel culture with Yousef Hadaoui and Lisa Esohel Knudsen

--- this event will be held exclusively in Norwegian --- From Twitter and academia to deep into the art world, J.K Rowling, Tore Sagen and Nicolay Ramm are just a few names that have been associated with the term cancel culture in recent years. Has cancel culture become a real problem in Norway today?

--- this event will be held exclusively in Norwegian ---

Cancel culture is a new term that has taken up more and more space in the social debate in recent years. Internationally, big names such as J.K. Rowling and Kanye West have been cancelled, but also in Norway the cancellation debate seems to have demanded attention. In 2020, Espen Eckbo's Christmas calendar "Nissene over skog og hei" was taken down from the TV channel TVNorge after a storm of comments and complaints online regarding the show’s content, despite the fact that it was made just back in 2011. Not only in comedy, but also within academia, some have resigned or received other consequences as a result of expressions in both public and private spaces. Are we looking for things to cancel, or is calling criticism "cancel culture" an easy way to avoid taking responsibility for what one says?

To debate this, we include Yousef Hadaoui, known from Svart Humor, among other things, and Lisa Esohel Knudsen from the think tank Minotenk.

Yousef Hadaoui

Yousef is a show host, comedian and actor. In 2018, Yousef received Oslo City's artist prize with the reasoning; "He fights for socially critical satire which challenges the Norwegian media by creating humor about prejudice and religion". Yousef is adept at making his points, and has his own way of defusing heated topics through the use of humor. Yousef has also participated in the social debate around cancel culture and works for the freedom of comedic Norway by "joking with everyone".

Lisa Esohel Knudsen

Lisa is an author and active in social debates. In 2022, she made her debut with the book Det er personlig. Om rasisme og ytringsfrihet (Eng: It is personal. On racism and freedom of expression). Lisa is associated with the think tank Minotenk which seeks to contribute to increased knowledge, understanding, tolerance and strengthen minorities' commitment to human rights and participation in the public sphere. Lisa has taken part in several debates and conversations related to cancellation culture, and has written several chronicles about the phenomenon.

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