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System Administrator

Job as Gjengmedlem
This is an indication of how much work this job amounts to. A gjengmedlem is expected to work 10 hours a week, while a funksjonær is expected to work 20 hours a week. In comparison, funksjonærer have more benefictions than gjengmedlemmer.
at Studentmediene
Studentmediene (SM)

Want to learn about operating servers and network?

System Administration at the Student Media in Trondheim is a small group of people who operate and manage the computers and servers at our office, in addition to maintaining other internal services. As a System Administrator you get to work with everything from networking and server management, to troubleshooting and user support.

We are a social group, with both hackathons and gamenights. If you’re curious about the operations and maintenance of servers, computers and networks, then you should apply! No experience is required, we only hope that you want to learn something and use what you learn to help make the systems run even more smoothly.

For any inquires you might have about the position, please do not hesitate with contacting the leader of the System Administration Bård Flugon, by phone +47 905 80 048 or e-mail If there are other questions about the admission, please contact the group leader Vilde Charlotte Jacobsen on telephone +47 980 61 138, or email

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