On this page you'll find answers to questions that are frequently asked.

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  • I have a question regarding age limits.

    You can find information about this on!

  • My ticket is for members (Medlem) but I'm not a member (Ikke-medlem). What do I do?

    You can pay the difference in the ticket price when you enter Samfundet before the event.

  • I lost/forgot my jacket/phone at Samfundet. Who should I contact?

    You should contact Luka during their opening hours, Monday to Saturday, 16:30-19:30. They handle all lost & found.

  • I can't find my ticket. Who should I contact?

    Send a mail to Luka at

  • I called/sent a mail to Luka, but they haven't answered. What do I do?

    Luka is open Monday to Saturday, 16:30-19:30. Phone calls and emails to them are answered during these hours. If you have a question you need answered outside of that time, you can also contact us on Facebook.

  • When do the doors to the concert open, and when does the artist go on stage?
    In general, the start time on the event ( is the hour at which the doors open. The artist usually goes on stage 30 minutes after this. However, this depends on many factors, and can vary from concert to concert. This can be difficult to predict in advance.

  • Do you have the contact information of [volunteer or employee at Samfundet]?

    Yes, you can find it on

  • I have a tip on a great artist that you should book. Who can I contact?

    You can find contact information for the groups responsible for hosting events and concerts at

  • My question isn't here. Who should I contact?
    Send us a message on Facebook or contact Luka at, and we'll figure it out!