Lokale Klubben
Arrangør Kulturutvalget
Kulturutvalget (KU)
Dato 17. november 2015
Tid 19.00 - 21.00
Billett Billett inkludert i inngang
Aldersgrense 18 år

International student's day 2015

The Student Parliament of NTNU, HiST, Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund (SAIH Trondheim) and The Welfare Council of Trondheim welcomes you to celebrate this year’s theme: mental health of students in a global perspective.

The International Students’ Day is an event celebrated annually every 17th of November to commemorate the executions of students in Prague, who organised an anti-Nazi student movement during the occupation.

Since 1941 this day has been marked by student unions all over the world as a remembrance for what happened to organised students and academics during world war two, as well as international movements for student rights since then.

Mental health is a universal issue of students everywhere. We would like to focus on the ups and downs of the student lifestyles. How can you recognise your own signs when struggling mentally? What do students around the world struggle with, and what are the peculiarities of Trondheim students? Does student mobility have any role to play in this?

We welcome you to the international students day. Both professors, the welfare organisation of Trondheim (SiT) and students will tell their stories and share their knowledge on the theme.

Amongst those invited to speak are:
International Student Union Trondheim (ISU)
Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim (SiT)
The Welfare Council Trondheim (VT)

This is a cooperation between:
Studenttinget NTNU, SAIH Trondheim, Studentparlamentet ved HiST, Velferdstinget & Studentersamfundet.

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