Area Storsalen
Organizer Candiss
Date 8. November 2020
Time 21:30 - 22:30
Ticket 60,- / 100,-
Age limit 18 years

It´s Candiss in the House

Once upon a time twenty-one candisses, in pain and agony. The concert on the 18th of march is cancelled, and Trondheim is shaken. The world pauses for nine whole months, until the 8th of november. Candiss is back.

The doors open, the audience is flowing in (with a meter's distance, of course). Lights, smoke, pink. In the middle, there are you, yes you. Your shirt is a bit prettier than usual, and you are wearing your cleanest shoes. Maybe a bit of perfume? "What's happening?", you might think. You look around the room. Do you know anyone, or are you waiting for someone special? The room looks nice, the round room with the shiny and new ceiling. Oh, the lights are dimmed, the mood is setting and the crowd settles down. It gets dark, it begins.

Member's tickets can be changed to non-member's tickets, by paying the difference at the main door on the day of the concert. Before you enter Samfundet you have to familiarize yourself with our infection control routines. You will find them here

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