Area Utenfor Huset
Organizer TKS
Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening (TKS)
Date 18. April
Time 20:00 - 21:00
Ticket 100,- Barn/Student / 230,- Ordinær/ikke-student
Age limit No age limit

Draumen - Spring concert with The Women's Student Choral Society of Trondheim (TKS)

Welcome to a spring concert with The Women's Student Choral Society of Trondheim.

We in The Women’s Choral Student Choral Society of Trondheim are moving out from Studentersamfundet and moving into Vår Frue kirke (church) to hold our annual spring concert. With the joy that yet another cold and dark winter has passed us by, the repertoire will fill the church with associations of hope and warmth. Several new songs have been selected for the concert, in addition to some older ones from the archive that we thought should bloom again! In turbulent times, it may be more important than ever to come together; both to summon sunny days, but also to dream of a peaceful spring!

TKS is conducted by Eirik Mudhjeld ✨

Doors open at 7:30 PM, and the concert starts at 8 PM!
Tickets can be bought with the link below.

Feel free to bring friends and loved ones - you are all welcome to the concert 💜

Events at the Student Society can be adapted for visitors with movement and hearing impairment. See here for more information.