Area Strossa
Organizer Kulturutvalget
Kulturutvalget (KU)
Date 27. August 2015
Time 18:00 - 20:00
Ticket Ticket included with entrance
Age limit 18 years

Recycled Sound and The Vintage Experience

Listen up all you music lovers and vintage enthusiasts! Through a partnership with Recycled Sound and inspired by Cape Town's stylish vintage concept we are arranging "The evening: Recycled Sound and The Vintage Experience" for the first time at the Student Society.

This will be an evening where secondhand clothing is in focus. The evening begins with a vintage market and continues with delightful music. We've got dj Sellia with us to play throughout the evening. Some of the music you hear is from the campaign Recycled Sound.
Recycling has not always had the best reputation, and that is something the organization Loop wish to change. They started the campaign Recycled Sound in 2014, and it is now on its second year. Through getting famous artists to remix or do cover-songs of their or other peoples songs, they help to make recycling cool.

The event starts with a vintage market, The Vintage Experience, which will begin at 18 pm and lasts until 21 pm. The concept works like this: There will be more sellers with passion for vintage and secondhand clothing with their finest used treasures and they will give you the ability to buy them. The items is of quality clothing from all corners of the world from the 1930's, until today. Here you can find everything from a home-made dress like the ones housewives used in festive settings to a baggy pair of jeans that were previously used to chill in, but which today has become trendy. Perhaps you'll find your new favorite sweater?

Clothing has soul, and by directly buying it from its previous owner, you can get the opportunity to hear the garment history. This way to recycle is grat because it gives new life to the clothes and challenge today's habits of buying clothes unused and mass produced. In addition, it is an important effort for the environment!

Would you like to sell clothes this evening? We have 10 spots available to you if you want to sell vintage and secondhand clothing in good condition and quality. Contact us for more information.
A spot here is free.
NB! Remember cash and a bag to carry the clothes.

Events at the Student Society can be adapted for visitors with movement and hearing impairment. See here for more information.