Area Klubben
Organizer Kulturutvalget
Kulturutvalget (KU)
Date 28. October 2014
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Ticket Ticket included with entrance
Age limit 18 years

Excenteic evening: "Mer kål, mindre jål"

Are you tired of the sad and boring student diet? Need inspiration when it comes to food or do you generally just wish to taste good, healthy food?

This day we are lucky enough to get a visit from the
food entrepreneurs Per Viderup and Richard Nystad. These are the men behind the health concept Hagen and Persilleriet in Trondheim. They have traveled throughout Norway and served its healthy food philosophy in the form of lectures, cooking classes and tasty "logs" to thousands of people at festivals such as Øya, Hove, Pstereo, Hafslund Environmental Festival, Green Living, Trøndersk Food Festival and Farmer's Market. They have also released the cookbook Mer kål, mindre jål.

This evening both Peter and Richard will demonstrate and inspire you on how you can make healthy, easy, and inexpensive food that makes both your account and stomach smile. There will also be handed out samples. Who can say no to that?

The event is free.

Events at the Student Society can be adapted for visitors with movement and hearing impairment. See here for more information.