Purchase areas for tickets

Cover charge and entrance to Samfundet

For members, entrance to Samfundet is generally free of charge. For special events which take place in the whole building, also members have to purchase a ticket to gain entrance. Non-members have to pay for entry on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Before kl.23: kr 50,-
  • After kl.23: kr 90,-

Society meetings, concerts at Knaus, and other events which do not have tickets up for sale, are free of charge: so you don't need a ticket to enter them. This also counts for non-members.

When an event has tickets for sale, you have to show your ticket to get a ink stamp, for gaining en try to the event's venue. As long as an event does not take place in all of our areas, you can gain entrance to Samfundet as usual without having a ticket.


As a member of the Student Society you will get discounts for many events. Read more.

Conditions of sale

Studentersamfundet in Trondheim sell tickets to their events through its website. Tickets are paid with credit cards and delivered in the form of downloadable PDFs. Alternatively, tickets can be registered to your membership card. The customer will also receive tickets by email.

Personal Information will only be disclosed upon request from the police with the right policy. Studentersamfundet in Trondheim never store sensitive card data.

Studentersamfundet in Trondheim is responsible for transactions through the online sale of tickets. The payment is handled by Stripe.

Purchased tickets are non-refundable, except when cancellations occur. In these cases, the tickets will be refunded at Studentersamfundet.

Studentersamfundet in Trondheim operates with different age limits for different events. Basically, the age limit is 18, but this may vary from event to event. The age limit is stated on the website for each event.

Please feel free to contact for questions.