The place for quality beer to Trondheim's students!

Opening hours

Daglighallen Pub is Samfundet's brown pub. It is located north of Daglighallen inside the back door to the Samfundet, hence the name. Daglighallen was refurbished in autumn 2013 and significantly expanded their selection of beer (again).

The pub is open every day of throughout the semester and screens what you need of football games. This includes amounts Premier League and Champions League and Premier League and the FA Cup on three screens in the venue. Daglighallen is also open outside the rest of the Samfundet venue's opening hours in order to show football matches of particular interest.

On the weekends Daglighallen cultivates the good pub culture: Good music, proud bartenders and good drinks from many different bottles and barrels. Daglighallen has one of the city's best beer selection. It is also possible to enjoy food and drinks from Edgar and Lyche in here.

The venue was converted into a pub in the summer of 1997 and was last renovated in 2009. Daglighallen features from the autumn of 2010 Norwegian micro-beer from barrels, and will have two different varieties at all times. With this we have a total of eight varieties of beer on tap at Daglighallen, in addition to our wide selection of bottled beers, which is between 40 and 60 varieties. We can also offer soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer. Stop by to find your favorite!

NB! When Daglighallen shows football matches outside the opening hours, the bar opens one hour before the game. See the bulletin board outside the premises or for a complete list of the games being broadcast.

Daglighallen Micro Brewery

The 5th September 2014 we were proud to launch our own brewery, called Daglighallen Micro Brewery. This was an important milestone for Samfundet. The brewery was established in connection with UKA-13. Our brew master is Ulrik Bjerkeli, a crazy guy with long hair and beard, who spend more time on mashing and fermentating than on his studies.

Before there occurd home brewing on a limited scale. As sales increased in line with a wider interest, we decided to expand the brewery. We purchased equipment, refurbished a room and Dalighallen Microbrewery can now act as a professional brewery.

Floor 2 (see overview map)
Adapted for disabled Yes
Last refurnishing 2009
Responsible group Kafé- og Serveringsgjengen