Area Klubben
Organizer Kulturutvalget
Kulturutvalget (KU)
Date 11. September 2018
Time 19:00 - 20:30
Ticket Free entrance
Age limit 18 years

Excenteraften: Memories

David Clayton Rowland is a researcher in the group led by Edvard and May-Britt Moser at NTNU. His work focuses on how brain cells form mental maps and memories. On tuesday the 11th September he will come and talk about memories in Klubben at Studentersamfundet.

Memories are such an essential part of our lives that it is difficult to imagine life without them. In the first part of the lecture, David will talk about how we think the brain might form new memories and recall old ones. In the second part, he will talk about whether memories are as truthful as we often believe. Most of us think of memories like a video recording of our experiences, but the reality is that our memories can change over time. In extreme cases, people can form entirely false memories of events, but maintain absolute confidence that the events were real. These findings have far reaching implications for society (are eyewitness testimonies reliable? Can the malleability of memories be used to cure post traumatic stress disorder?). David will touch on a few of these topics at the end of the talk.

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