Area Klubben
Organizer Snaustrinda
Date 10. November 2020
Time 21:00 - 22:00
Ticket 60,- / 110,-
Age limit 18 years

[POSTPONED] Snaustrinda - Survival of the fittest

Have you ever wondered how any normal week for Snaustrinda looks like? Or wondered how their conflicts emerge and how they work to solve their problems? Or maybe who the drama makers are, who your allies would be, or who would fight the hardest for the higher ground?

For the first time in theater, Snaustrinda Spelemannslag profound themselves in the reality-concept "Farmen", where their weekly mission is to make this years fall concert. The time is turned back a hundred years and we are taken to a small, mountain-side farm in the western region of the country. There will be chosen chieftains, intrigues will emerge between instrument groups, there will be duels and lots and lots of drama! The attendands must defend their alliances and show raw fierceness to overcome their upcomming challenges, and in the end - the fight for the last stand!

Member's tickets can be changed to non-member's tickets, by paying the difference at the main door on the day of the concert. Before you enter Samfundet you have to familiarize yourself with our infection control routines. You will find them here

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