Area Knaus
Organizer Lørdagskomitéen
Lørdagskomitéen (LK)
Date 6. November
Time 23:59 - 01:00
Ticket Free entrance
Age limit 18 years

Dark Roast // Knaus 23:59

Led by vocalist Johan Helland, ‘Dark Roast’ is a band with a strong connection to 70- numbers greats Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers and James Brown. With his latest album "Going Back, Moving Up!" they offer live groove-based music from the top shelf.

The band varies from the energetic and danceable to the beautiful and soulful. Blant catchy
melodies and rocking accompaniment, vocalist Helland sings about life's small and big questions.
"We want to let the audience dream away in the music, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life"
explains drummer Bård Berg.
Now it's finally time to invite to a concert and the band looks forward to a time there
Live music again can become an important part of our lives.

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