Area Knaus
Organizer Lørdagskomitéen
Lørdagskomitéen (LK)
Date 19. February 2022
Time 23:59 - 01:00
Ticket Free entrance
Age limit 18 (student), 20 (non-student)

Michelle Ullestad // KNAUS 23.59

Michelle Ullestad from Bergen made her debut in the autumn of 2019 with the beautiful and personal song "Open Again" Michelle is a new acquaintance in the Norwegian-language pop tradition!

She is exceptionally honest in
their interpretations and descriptions of life's many challenges. She writes in a way that hits, hits you
right in the heart and is not afraid to give of themselves. Rarely do we see artists with such a strong ability to convey their most hurtful and difficult thoughts in such an apt and compassionate way.
Ullestad has in a short time achieved a lot of publicity and praise for his honest and catchy pop music.
She is first out in 2022 as the Untouched of the Month on NRK P3, she has held a number of sold-out concerts on
Western Norway. She is playlist on NRK P3 and NRK P1 with the single «Emilie». She has been a guest on several NRK
productions, including StudioP3 where she did a beautiful live version of her latest single. Michelle has
also warmed up for Morten Abel and achieved high flow numbers at bla. Spotify.

"Michelle Ullestad made the audience jump, dance, laugh and laugh during this year's industry party Wild Wild West"

Bergens Tidende ★★★★★★

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