The group Studentmediene was founded the 1st of July 2013, as a fusion of the three previous groups Under Dusken, Radio Revolt and Student-TV. Due to several changes in the way they are run and increased cooperation between the groups, the fusion was a natural development.

Studentmediene is a group at Samfundet, but simultaneously a volunteer non-profit corporation, owned 50/50 by Studentersamfundet and Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim. The media assignments are done as part of the corporation, while the members have social connections to the group at Samfundet. The products of Studentmediene can through this solution operate as free media, and follow the recommended directions of journalism (mediefridomslova and redaktørplakaten).

Today, Studentmediene has approximately 250 active members, and produces Under Dusken, Radio Revolt, Student-TV, and from their offices at Lucasbygget, just nearby Samfundet. is the website used by all the sections of Studentmediene. Here you will find news stories, radio broadcasts, videos and PDF-versions of the newspaper. Below you will find information about the three groups and medias that now cooperate as the fusion Studentmediene:

Under Dusken

The first edition of Under Dusken came the 14th of December 1914, making it the oldest existing student newspaper.

The paper has through all 103 years had its roots in Studentersamfundet, but the face of the paper has had several big changes. In the earliest years the paper aimed to be an academic magazine for Scandinavia. Later it was considered a newspaper directed to the students. During the 60´s the newspaper was affected by the circulating radical opinions. However, by the beginning of the 90´s it changed from having a political profile to a more critical, investigating and independent journalism profile.

The paper is today run as “an independent instance for students, published by Studentmediene in Trondheim” and is given out for free.

Under Dusken has published online since 1994. In 2012 the online newspaper was separated from Under Dusken and given the name The following year these two editorials were again fusioned during the creation of Studentmediene in Trondheim.

Student-TV, now called Dusken video, was started in 1991. The products have been many through 22 years, from Otto Olsen´s Ligkistemagasin to the broadcasts of Kult and Pønsj and the portrait series Huset med det rare i. Videos from Student-TV have been sendt on TVNorge, TV-Adressa and naturally Today Student-TV is basically incorporated in Studentmediene, and produces both journalism of News, culture, sports and features, as well as skits and a wide range of web series.

Radio Revolt

Radio Revolt was established the fall of 1984 as the student radio in Trondheim, and is one of Norway´s oldest student radio channels. It is a non-commercial radio channel driven by students handing you the newest of music, entertainment and student news from Trondheim. Radio Revolt broadcasts every single day through the semester, and has many cooperations with the student newspaper Under Dusken. The channel has a heavy music and culture profile, with interviews of relevant artists, emphasis on culture, the student life, and on local bands.

Radio Revolt broadcasts on DAB+ 24/7 in the entire area of Trondheim. Podcasts are as well published on and iTunes.

iBok is Norways biggest marketplace for buying and selling of used textbooks. The site was established in 2005 and became a part of Studentmediene in 2013 in connection with the merger between Under Dusken, Radio Revolt and Student-TV. is now solely operated by volunteers in Studentmediene. More information can be obtained by contacting the product owner at


Editorial questions can be sent to responsible editor:

Contact: Herman Østby
Phone: 960 45 919

For other questions, contact our group leader:

Contact: Birk Cock Aschjem
Phone: 957 50 529