The Board


The board is one of Samfundet's governing body, together with the Council and the Finance Board. The Board creates Studentersamfundet's political profile and arranges Samfund's Meetings every Saturday. Since the fall of 2016 weekly wednesday debates called Onsdagsdebatten have been held by the board, wanting to be an arena that connects students and politics.
By setting external and internal current events on the agenda, it is also their task to lead the organization Samfundet.

The Board consists of a minimum of 6 members, elected each year. The Grand Hall (Storsalen) elects the leader of Samfundet, who in turn chooses the rest of the Board. Debates are held by the Debate Committee of Samfundet.

The Board

Name Phone E-mail
Una Onsrud Leader 472 36 033
Annika B. V. Taule Deputy Leader 902 35 797
Næjla Kappfjell Public Relations 993 24 762
Frøy Elisabeth Hamstad Press manager 980 19 036
Kristoffer Meggelæ Pedersen House Coordinator 941 69 397
Annika B. V. Taule Head of Economy 902 35 797
Oda Liang Head of Events 469 69 215
Gael Peebles Theme Coordinator 410 64 050
Daria Barjaktarevic Head of Debate 987 68 850