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Editorial designer

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at Studentmediene
Studentmediene (SM)

Would you like to help shape the layout of Under Dusken?

Do you shudder at the sight of Comic sans? Do you collect magazines from festivals and shops? Or do you catch yourself thinking “Ugh, that color looks like snot”?

As a graphic designer, you’ll work with journalists, photographers and illustrators to make the printed student magazine Under Dusken, as well as logos and other graphic material. The work is creative, and you will be joining a fun and social gang. It is advantageous if you are comfortable with Adobe software, InDesign in particular, but it is not a requirement and it is easy to learn with the guidance you’ll have along the way. Do not hesitate to apply! All applicants will be called in for an interview. If possible, please bring some of your previous work to the interview. The commitment time is 2 years.

Do you have any questions? Contact Lead designer Aslak Høberg Liaaen,, 415 87 746, or chief editor Peter André Hegg (, 915 98 368).

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