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Admin: Host External Coordinator

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at ISFiT

Interested in recruitment, marketing and facilitating cultural exchange?

ISFiT 2025: Power will be happening during March 2025. At that time more than 400 participants from all over the world will assemble in Trondheim.

But where will all these foreign students be staying? Every student shall have a host of course! A host is a volunteer from Trondheim, or the surrounding area, that will have a student staying with them through all 11 days. Finding hosts is not only about making sure all the participants have a roof over their heads and breakfast every morning. The host program is also about facilitating cultural exchange. Both for the sake of the participant, but also for the host.

This is where you come in. As Host External Coordinator for ISFiT 2025, your job will be to facilitate all external communication used in finding hosts. Your main task will be establishing a marketing plan. You will also be responsible for communicating with volunteer groups and businesses that can be used in spreading our marketing. Internally you will mostly be working with Communication to publish marketing.

You need to be fluent in Norwegian and have some knowledge of English. If you think Host sounds interesting, I'd like to work with you. Welcome to ISFiT 2025, Host.

If you have any questions, please contact me at:
Head of Hosts, Nicolai Johnsrud Bjørnsen,
+47 41243130

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