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Admin: Office Coordinator

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at ISFiT

Want to administrate the office of ISFiT?

Are you a person who has a passion for creating effective routines for our organization? Are you structured and motivated to help administrate our office and communication center for ISFiT25? The Office Coordinator could be the perfect fit for you!

The ISFiT festival aims to provide a platform for students from all over the world to engage in dialogue and cultural exchange. As Office Coordinator, you will work closely with me, your team, and other departments to make sure that all communication before and under the festival is running smoothly. You will also play a crucial role in planning and administrating both our Office and the Communication Center under the festival.

The role will involve being a part of the Secretariat board and helping with carrying out various tasks, such as working out and implementing new communication routines and preparing routines for our office. In addition, we will work together to ensure that every volunteer and student taking part in the festival will have a team they can come up to if any questions arise.

Are you ready to coordinate an office and make it even better for ISFiT25? Do you like a challenge, and can see yourself working with the communication center under festival?

Previous experience is not necessary; all we want is a social and motivated soul who enjoys helping and creating a good atmosphere for others around us!

Would this be for you? Contact me via email at, or on mobile at +47 939 28 631 if you have any questions, big or small!

Head of Secretariat
Maria Mlynarska

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