Area Storsalen
Organizer Styret
Date 31. October
Time 18:00 - 20:00
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Age limit 18 years

Samfundsmøte: USA – system in the chaos or chaos in the system?

Samfundsmøte regarding the US with Vincent Baugh and Arna Desser!

We are closing in on four years since Trump somewhat surprisingly stepped into the white house as the world’s most powerful man. It was predicted to be a period filled with drama and controversy, and this would soon turn into reality. Through speeches, political rallies and Twitter the former reality star and businessman has shown to be an even more controversial president than predicted, and he shows little signs that he plans to step on the brakes if he gets four more years in the white house.

So what is the status? Trump has not only bombarded Twitter with controversial posts, but he has also implemented several sanctions, sent troops both in and out of countries, started on a wall at the border to Mexico, handled a pandemic with mixed results and so on. The list is long, and the current political climate in the US is a whole lot different than it was four years ago—and more will surely change if we get four more years with Trump. But do we? Or can the democrats nick the victory they were so sure they had four years ago? What can we expect if Trump wins—and what can we expect if Biden wins? Is the US’ time as the leading superpower over? And will the US ever return to the norm?

With us to discuss this we have representatives from both Republicans Abroad Norway and Democrats Abroad Norway. From Republicans Abroad Norway we have Vincent Baugh, vice president of the organization and from Democrats Abroad Norway we have Arna Desser. Both are heavily involved in their respective organizations and have a lot of insight into what is currently happening in the US. We also have professor at NTNU Jennifer Leigh Bailey. See you there!

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